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Longarm Quilting Rates

Quilt Size:
$25 per square yard for Edge to Edge Meander regular.
$30+ per square yard for smaller more custom designs. Call us for a quote. 

Quilting charge is calculated by (width * length) /1296 = square yards. Square yards * $25 = Estimate for Cost of Quilting only

Binding Quilt:
Machine Binding.... $0.10 per running inch, stitch binding to front side of quilt and machine stitch down.
Hand Binding .... $0.15 per running inch, stitch binding to front side of quilt by machine, turn and hand stitch to back side of quilt. 
Bind charge is calculated by width * length * 2 = total inches. Total inches * cost per inch = Total cost for binding

***Prices are subject to change without notice. 

We try to maintain a high standard of quilting, but please note that we cannot be responsible for a quilt that needs
adjustments due to improper piecing or sizing or any other small imperfections. Please understand this
before submitting your quilt in full faith for the work to be completed.If you have any questions, please ask! 

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